Session 1: Cute or Perfect?

The first session for this module yesterday was really an eye opener for me TOTALLY! Who would have thought that there are terms such as cute numbers and perfect numbers? I have yet to research on them though heh. There are other terms that I have learnt which I was totally awed about such as cardinal numbers, ordinal numbers and nominal numbers! Oh yes I’ve got a good grasp of what these terms really mean. 🙂

I liked Dr Yeap’s style of teaching, especially when he got us to stop and ask questions and, the fact that he could answer or clarify facts so clearly just amazed me! I have got a good refreshment of the theories by Piaget, Bruner and Vygotsky just by listening to what Dr Yeap has explained. But the main idea that stricken me and got me reflecting was when he mentioned that money, yes that root of all evil money money money, is considered as an uncountable! They exist as fractional parts. You can have half a dollar, but you cannot have half a boy! So since you cannot count money like cardinal numbers, money is considered a measurement! Interesting right? Let’s see what Session Two of the module is all about! :))


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