Session 2: Is That Magic?


Take a second to look at the picture above. How many stars are there? Can you tell just by looking? Can you tell the number of stars without counting? The ability to do so is what you called SUBITIZE! Yes. Definitely a new word that I have learnt. Just up to how many objects are you able to subitize? Try subitizing and share this with your friends! As i thought about subitizing in class, I then recalled how my 5 year-old children were able to tell me the number of icecream sticks without counting; they simply just shouted out the answer in a second! And now I know! They were subitizing! Below is a link to a video on subitizing. It would be of some help if you were thinking of creating activities to teach children to subitize.

After today’s session, I have learnt about some great pointers that teachers SHOULD, (yes, I couldn’t emphasize more!) teachers SHOULD and MUST always remember. Here they are:

1. It is not easy to teach, even when the problem you are teaching is not difficult. So bear in mind the startegy that you use to help children understand best, and always remember to reflect on your teaching.

2. As a teacher, we must be careful with the language that we use while teaching. If the problem says, “David bought 3 cans” please do not make assumptions and tell the children, “David had …”

I think many teachers are guilty of this. Time for a change! 🙂

3. Please use the word “less than” instead of “lesser than”. The former is to compare quantitative things while the latter; quality.

Hopefully I am able to remember these pointers! 🙂


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