Session 3: Four Equal Parts

I enjoyed today’s session so much because I love doing problems about shapes, finding the area and such. I have always loved doing Geometry since I first learnt about it. 🙂

I was amazed to find out how wonderful Mathematics really is; that we are able to come up with certain formulas just by “experimenting” if this way works or that way works and finding out if we are able to solve a problem with a certain method and all. The lesson on Four Equal Parts was an interesting one, where certain irregular shapes or what we called quadrilaterals can be of the same area but different in their sizes! At the same time we were actually learning about Algebra while doing this exercise to find the area of the different quadrilateral shapes that we have created by joining four dots together. Amazing much huh? I cannot tell you much or I would end with a looooooooong post about it but trust me, it was such great fun to learn it! Now I have more ideas on what to do with my geoboards in my centre! :p

Besides Four Equal Parts, there are some important pointers that I have taken note of! (There are always interesting pointers for every session ;p)

1. In Geometry, we use the term “congruent” to describe shapes that are exactly the same and NOT identical.

2. The term “similar” in Geometry means “one enlargement of the other”. All circles and squares are similar but not the case for rectangles! Agree?

3. Squares are special rectangles.

Beg to differ? Go and find out for yourselves and you will  love Mathematics! 🙂


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