Session 6: Teaching or Learning?

Some pointers I took note of during this session: 1. Never focus on teaching. Focus on the learning! 2. Ask yourself these questions – What do I want my children to learn? How do I know? What if they can’t? What if they already can? When I thought back, I started to reflect and realized […]

Session 3: Four Equal Parts

I enjoyed today’s session so much because I love doing problems about shapes, finding the area and such. I have always loved doing Geometry since I first learnt about it. 🙂 I was amazed to find out how wonderful Mathematics really is; that we are able to come up with certain formulas just by “experimenting” […]

Session 2: Is That Magic?

Take a second to look at the picture above. How many stars are there? Can you tell just by looking? Can you tell the number of stars without counting? The ability to do so is what you called SUBITIZE! Yes. Definitely a new word that I have learnt. Just up to how many objects are […]

Session 1: Cute or Perfect?

The first session for this module yesterday was really an eye opener for me TOTALLY! Who would have thought that there are terms such as cute numbers and perfect numbers? I have yet to research on them though heh. There are other terms that I have learnt which I was totally awed about such as […]

Chapters 1 and 2, What’s My Take?

As seen in Chapter 1, One’s knowledge of mathematics and one’s knowledge of how children learn mathematics are considered to be the most important tools one can acquire to be an effective teacher.  I do have to agree with the abovementioned, but at the same time I asked myself these questions: “Is my knowledge of […]

Getting Started

hi. after much thinking, ive opted for a change so instead of my usual blog using blogger, ive created a new blog (tadah!) using wordpress. this blog as you can see from the title, will be all about numbers, specially created for my new course module which requires me to blog as a preassignment. a […]